New Beginnings

September 19, 2017

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Hello world!

It’s time for Vaughn Photography to delve into new beginnings! The first being the start of a new blog! Yay! Unless reading is not your thing. Then why are you here? You do know what blogs are, right? Well, we appreciate you nevertheless. Anyways. I figure that with the start of our new blog, I should probably take some time to introduce the faces behind Vaughn Photography. If you’d rather just get to the pictures and don’t really care to know more about us, keep on scrolling, our feelings won’t be hurt. Mostly because I will have no idea you’ve skipped past this part. However, for those of you who DO want to know more about us, here it goes. Our whole lives all summed up into one little paragraph.

I (Malia) am the photographer, creative entrepreneur and founder of Vaughn Photography which started just this past February! I’m from Portland, OR, attended college in Fort Worth, TX, met a boy, got married and moved to Memphis, TN. I enjoy short walks on the beach, camping, painting, petting cute puppies, binge watching New Girl, eating ice cream, delicious smelling candles, and drinking chai tea lattes. My husband, Luke, assists me with my photography endeavors when he’s not practicing or competing with the Memphis Track and Field team. Luke is from Champaign, IL and is now pursing a graduate degree in education at the University of Memphis. He enjoys long bike rides on the Greenline, playing Mega Monopoly, drinking raspberry lemonade, all the Marvel superhero movies (plus Guardians of the Galaxy),  meals with lots of cheese, endlessly scrolling through Facebook videos, the Chicago Cubs and, finally, Fantasy Football. (Hurrah for unintentional alliteration!) We both attend Fellowship Memphis and volunteer with Young Life, a youth ministry aimed at teaching high schoolers about Jesus. But enough about us, onto the exciting news of more new beginnings at Vaughn Photography.

It’s official!

Vaughn Photography has taken the plunge into wedding photography! This past weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Brandy and Stacy’s wedding. If you follow our social media pages, you probably already knew this and have seen a few of the pictures from their beautiful wedding. If you don’t follow us on Facebook and Instagram….you should probably do that right now. We’ll wait. (Just in case, our Instagram is @2_for_vaughn and our Facebook page is

Alright, thanks for the follow. You’re a champ. Let’s get back to the Brandy and Stacy’s wedding.

This laid-back wedding on the Belz Museum rooftop perfectly encompassed this couple’s personality. Brandy and Stacy are the kind of people who make you feel like part of the family even if you’ve just met. I’m not sure anyone besides my own parents have ever been so concerned about if I’ve had a chance to eat yet as Brandy and Stacy were. Don’t worry, we were treated to a great lunch catered by Central BBQ! (Luke was pretty stoked about this.) This wedding was the perfect way to jump into our new beginning as wedding photographers as we celebrated Brandy and Stacy’s new beginning as a married couple. Do you get why this blog is titled new beginnings yet? I’m not sure I’ve said the phrase enough yet. One more time for good measure: new beginnings.  Anyways. The joy shared between this couple was so evident, as I’m sure you can tell through these photos. So have a scroll and enjoy a glimpse into this couples new beginning. (Thought I was done, didn’t you!)

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