Stuck in Colder Weather

October 31, 2017

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In case you didn’t get the title, it’s in reference to the Zac Brown Band song Colder Weather. Also it was pretty chilly outside at last Sunday’s wedding, so I thought it was appropriate. There were a couple times throughout the day that I thought my hands might freeze, but thankfully I married a guy who is perpetually warm and willing to stand-by on cold days to provide warmth when needed, so we all made it through!

Despite the chill in the air, this wedding was full of beautiful and adorable details. So, if you like cute and pretty things, you’ve come to the right place, because in this wedding blog we’ve got it all.

If there’s one thing that everyone should know about me it’s that I’m a sucker for babies and puppies. While no puppies were present at this wedding, there was an adorable baby in a mini Mercedes, so I was pretty darn excited to capture that moment. Also, on a completely unrelated note, if you or someone you love has a wedding coming up in which they will utilize a puppy in some part of their day, PLEASE send them my way. It’s only my lifelong dream to be a part of something so beautiful as a puppy wedding. And by that I do not mean two puppies getting married…However, I would not be opposed to that event either.

ANYWAYS. As for pretty things, this wedding was full of beautiful weather, decorations and dresses and took place at the St. Columba Retreat Center in Memphis, TN. I had no idea this place existed, but it was the perfect location for a crazy fun wedding to take place, so without further to do, I present to you Tim and Stevie’s wedding.

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