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We trekked all around Palmer Park for about an hour with the promise of Wendy’s in Brandon’s mind (this was his dream food, out of all the possibilities, he just wanted to go to Wendy’s). These two were so easy to shoot and we had a great time until the sun started to set and […]

Corrie and Austin were high school sweethearts that actually MADE IT! How rare is that?! At their wedding, they had a slideshow going of all their old pictures, and it was crazy to see how young they were when they found each other. Sometimes I forget that Luke and I were only 19 when we […]

Small, intimate weddings are my new favorite thing. Tresa and Alvin got married in a little venue called 1C barn that was basically a beautifully converted home with a spiral staircase. The day could not have been more perfect, celebrated with all of their closest friends and family – and at a wedding like this, […]

This engagement has been a long time coming let me tell ya. Luke and I met Ethan and Dana last year when Luke was still working as a high school teacher. Ethan worked at the same school and we soon met his wonderful girlfriend while attending the school’s homecoming game. Soon after, we invited them […]

When I met Tiffany and Fernando, I knew we were kindred spirits when we Tiffany and I both ordered a peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks. It was almost winter time and when I agreed to do their wedding, they mentioned that they really wanted to do engagement photos in the snow. Lucky enough for us, […]

I met Richelle and Jorge almost a year ago at a Starbucks after we realized the coffee shop that we’d originally agreed to meet at was closed for a baby shower… that was after walking into said baby shower and realizing we probably didn’t belong there. I sat there and tried to remain calm while […]

Okay so full disclosure, I shot this wedding in July but completely forgot to post a blog afterward since the next day started an 8-week journey of traveling all over the place- but now I’m finally home and catching up and I couldn’t pass this wedding by! Kelsey and Matt got married at a beautiful […]

Since I began shooting weddings, I’ve heard so many photographers talk about finding their “why”. What it is that’s so special about a wedding day that they’ve decided to dedicate their lives to capturing those priceless moments. It’s something I’ve struggled to articulate since I began shooting weddings over 2 years ago and I’m also […]

Whenever I shoot a wedding with my husband, I typically lose him at some point during the day. This wedding was no exception, and there was one point where I even found him in the hotel hallway, where the bridal party was getting ready, reading a brochure about a nearby theme park. But, I typically […]

Alright, if this is what all weddings in Colorado are going to be like, I could get used to this. I’m writing this as I sit in Memphis, Tennessee where, in my expert opinion, it’s about 1000% humidity outside and 400 degrees. Everyone here says the weather is mild for this time of year but […]

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