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Abi & James family elopement at Wedding Ridge in Farish, CO

wedding ridge wedding photographer

I think it’s time I stop pretending I’m going to finish all these wedding blogs in a timely manner and admit the truth: finding the time to write a wedding blog with a 1.5 year old running around and into a new corner every few minutes is not for the faint of heart. But, I […]

Once again this wedding is LONG overdue. Alisha and Andy got married at the Hearth House, a beautiful venue in Monument. It had been around 70 degrees on the days leading up to their wedding but then when their big day arrived the temperature dropped to 32. And even though Alisha lost feeling in her […]

colorado wedding party

This wedding was honestly ages ago… like pre-covid ages ago, and I just never posted it! This was the last wedding I shot in March of 2020 right before the entire country shut down. They got married JUST in time, but, baby, it was quite cold outside. Bailey was a trooper though, trekking through the […]

wedding photography at black forest

Whoops! Looking back at my blog I realized I have not posted in a BIT and I have about 10 weddings that I have not shared beautiful photos from! In my defense, COVID happened, I was pregnant, then I had my baby and this past whole year really has been a bit of a blur. […]

colorado springs wedding

Woohoo, I finally found my login to get into my blog page, so over the next few weeks I’ll be posting photos from all the gorgeous sessions you’ve missed! For now I want to share some photos from Amanda and Joseph’s beautiful wedding in Boulder! I met Amanda and Joseph for the first time a […]

Boulder, Colorado Wedding

We trekked all around Palmer Park for about an hour with the promise of Wendy’s in Brandon’s mind (this was his dream food, out of all the possibilities, he just wanted to go to Wendy’s). These two were so easy to shoot and we had a great time until the sun started to set and […]

Corrie and Austin were high school sweethearts that actually MADE IT! How rare is that?! At their wedding, they had a slideshow going of all their old pictures, and it was crazy to see how young they were when they found each other. Sometimes I forget that Luke and I were only 19 when we […]

Denver Wedding Photographer

Small, intimate weddings are my new favorite thing. Tresa and Alvin got married in a little venue called 1C barn that was basically a beautifully converted home with a spiral staircase. The day could not have been more perfect, celebrated with all of their closest friends and family – and at a wedding like this, […]

colorado barn wedding

This engagement has been a long time coming let me tell ya. Luke and I met Ethan and Dana last year when Luke was still working as a high school teacher. Ethan worked at the same school and we soon met his wonderful girlfriend while attending the school’s homecoming game. Soon after, we invited them […]

colorado engagement photos

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