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Sharlene and I have been talking about her wedding day since over a year ago… before she got engaged even. Before I had even shot a single wedding. Sharlene kept me in the loop during the entire process. She’d often text me in the middle of the day asking my opinion about timelines, venues, first […]

colorado wedding

The only song I could think of that would accurately describe the day of Annie and Nick’s wedding was “Happy” by Pharrell. As you can probably tell by these photos, Annie could not stop smiling all day and I was legitimately smiling behind the camera during the ceremony because it was contagious. It was smoldering outside, but no amount of sweat could get in the way of these two committing their lives to each other! So without further to do, I give you the Kistenmacher wedding…

Last Saturday was a nice, warm, humid Memphis day, but while looking through all of the pictures of Bailey and Collin’s wedding, you would never know that we’d rush into the air conditioning every chance we got. Instead, all you’d see is two people and two families who were SO excited and overjoyed about this […]

Since Holly and Neal decided to honeymoon by embarking on a long road trip, I felt like “Life is a Highway” was a fitting title for them. That paired with the fact that, after seeing the love and joy they shared at their wedding last Saturday, I’d say these two are in it for the […]

Kylie and Austin got married in Peoria, IL on a rainy spring day. Read their blog post to see beautiful pictures of their wedding at Trailside Event Center.

Brian + Renata’s Fort Walton Beach wedding- if you’re looking for some beach wedding inspiration, look no further! 

It was a beautiful night, they weren’t looking for something dumb to do, but Mary and Rich did say I do! (If you don’t understand this sentence, please Google “Lyrics to Marry You by Bruno Mars” to clear things up.)

In case you didn’t get the title, it’s in reference to the Zac Brown Band song Colder Weather. Also it was pretty chilly outside at last Sunday’s wedding, so I thought it was appropriate. There were a couple times throughout the day that I thought my hands might freeze, but thankfully I married a guy who is perpetually warm and willing to stand-by on cold days to provide warmth when needed, so we all made it through!

Ed Sheeran. Dessert. Fall weather. Can you guess what all of these things have in common? I’ll be a little shocked if you can’t, but because I’m feeling generous today, I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the title. 



Hello world!

It’s time for Vaughn Photography to delve into new beginnings! The first being the start of a new blog! Yay! Unless reading is not your thing. Then why are you here? You do know what blogs are, right? Well, we appreciate you nevertheless.

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