Garden of the Gods Engagement | Torri & Michael

April 8, 2019

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I met Torri and Michael a few months ago at a coffee shop to talk about shooting their wedding in June. In the short hour or so that we were talking, it was pretty clear that these two were meant to be together. They worked together seamlessly. She would take a bite of his sandwich, he would take a sip of her drink, he would finish the end of her sentence. It was pretty funny to watch because even though I’ve met many couples over the last year and a half that I’ve done wedding photography, I don’t often meet couples who seem to so readily share EVERYTHING with each other.

Their engagement session was no different. I never had to prompt them into fake smiles or laughter, because they were just happy to be in each other’s company (except when Torri realized that Michael had worn rock climbing shoes to the session, but that’s a different story). We trecked around Garden of the Gods for a solid hour and a half, but I’d say it was well worth it because I got to capture some of my favorite photos of two people who even looked perfect together (which sure made my job easy) – see for yourself!

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