Why I Became a Wedding Photographer

August 17, 2019

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Since I began shooting weddings, I’ve heard so many photographers talk about finding their “why”. What it is that’s so special about a wedding day that they’ve decided to dedicate their lives to capturing those priceless moments.

It’s something I’ve struggled to articulate since I began shooting weddings over 2 years ago and I’m also about the least touchy-feely kind of person out there, so I’ve always thought it was kind of cheesy to write a long posts detailing what it is about photographing weddings and engagements that people love so much. And I think that was partly because I honestly didn’t know¬†why I did it.

But then, just last week, I went back to my hometown in Portland and visited my parents at my childhood home for the first time in well over a year, and something dawned on me as I was watching the same home videos I’d seen 100 times before.

Ever since I was young, I remember loving to look back at old photos and videos. I think I’ve watched every home video my family has ever taken and looked at every photo album in our house, but I always find myself going back to them over and over. I could sit for hours looking back at those snippets of memories that I honestly don’t think I’d have any recollection of if it weren’t for this documentation.

And then I realized, that’s why I do it. I want everyone to have that same opportunity to look back at some of their best memories and truly be able to remember the joy of days that might otherwise be forgotten. I mean, you’re obviously never going to forget that you got married, but I can bet that in 10 years, without photos, you wouldn’t be able to remember what your wedding day was like. Luke and I have only been married for 3 years and I already struggle to remember the details of our wedding, and I LOVED that day!

So there you have it. I finally figured out my “why”.

I want to capture timeless, genuine photos that bring life back to the best memories and that will be looked back on for years to come.

It might not be as long or eloquent as others, but hey, it’s my “why” so I’m going to write it how I want.

Oh. And also for the cake. Any photographer who tells you that cake didn’t play some influence in their decision to shoot weddings is lying.

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