It’s the Climb

October 30, 2018

Filed in: Portraits

If you’ve ever heard the Miley Cyrus song “The Climb,” that’s basically all we did throughout the duration of this session. I met up with Ashley and Rico to take some photos at Red Rocks Open Space and thankfully, they were up for a bit of an adventure. I had them walking around everywhere, but thankfully they trusted me enough to keep walking around for an hour, even when the sun started to set on us. I cannot stress enough how easy and natural these two were to photograph, I never had to prompt them into fake laughter because they were just making each other laugh the whole time. Throughout the session, I knew that I was going to love the photos that came out of it and I was so excited to get home and edit them. I actually ended up editing them in the hour after I returned home and delivering them in the same night because I was so excited… so, I decided I should share some of my favorites from this session because look how DARN CUTE THEY ARE!!

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